So Much Time.

Do you consider what we're meant to do with our lives? Or have you gotten it all mapped out?

I ask myself nearly daily what I want to do with mine.

In our ever changing society I see people begin journeys of discovery which help them find who they are. We are becoming more aware of how diverse some of our decisions may be and I find it liberating. I can’t help but wonder though, if there is a minority of people out there unable to ever know what they want, or need, to feel complete.

When you take a cat, for example, they are taught by their mother how to play and how to hunt. I’m using a cat as my example because one of my cats was pulled away from its mother before it had a chance to learn this. The outcome was that my cat couldn’t understand how to play bite and would bite me, often, hard. Any species learns life skills from their parents, but, not all of us were given the chance for whatever reason to do so. It’s a flaw in some families, where parents don’t spend time, or understand how to themselves, teach their young how to survive. Our brain is programmed to deal with survival differently.

I find peace in writing, it’s the main thing that keeps me from going insane. Writing about fictional characters fulfilling their goals is satisfying, but I find it completely ironic. I write to pull myself away from reality, to become immersed in someone else's desire and their dreams of what they want out of their life, yet I live daily uncertain of mine.

I could spend all my time wondering what to do and risk losing what life I have. But I’m not going to that, for now, I will continue to write, I will continue to fall in love with my fictional characters and I will feel content in doing so.

The aim for this post:

I want to help people make sense of their thoughts. My blog posts are, as you know by now, mostly things that run through my head and I’m getting it out. I hope they inspire my reader to think more clearly and to accept themselves. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up for not knowing what we want. Because, let’s face it, we might not know, but enjoy your life and appreciate as much of it as you can.

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