No One May Ever Tell You...

My word for today’s blog is Garrulous:

The definition:

Overly talkative and chatty, mostly about unimportant things.

Sentence adjective example:

I sat in the back of the taxi listening to the garrulous driver. He didn’t seem to shut up.

I never think about how I project myself. How I might appear to people I spend my time with. What I do know is that I appreciate my alone time, when i’m home in silence, in the serenity of my surroundings. I let the phone ring off all the time, and I tend to immerse myself in something quiet, like writing, reading, watching easy TV.

Then I consider what I’m like at work. I work in retail. I pride myself on my confidence to talk to customers and give them the attention I would want to receive if I ever needed help. I also consider my role of a manager. I’m pretty outspoken, communicate effectively and manage, or placate, my team for whatever their needs are at the time.

It seems I have a mixed bag of extrovert and introvert traits.

Some people have it in them to talk, I’m sure some of you reading this could relate to the idea of being a big talker about things which really don’t seem important. You’d prefer to fill the silence with chit chat than sit in the comfort of it.

There maybe some of you, of course, who may not have gained the confidence to make small talk and find it hard to start a conversation at all. Although I couldn't ever know if you find comfort in that silence, or, inside, you’re hoping for the awkwardness of it to rush by and you’ll thank the heavens (or whatever you believe in) once the moment passes.

But it’s funny how one word can have you think about what you do when you're in the presence of other people, and actually, what does constitute as being trivial?

I know, when I’m at work, I don’t shut up. I know I am built with a confidence to ensure my job is done. But that’s just it, I get my job done.

A colleague of mine, whom I’ve been working alongside for 5 years, said to me the other day, does anyone really know you? I don’t think I do, barely even scratched the surface.

I found it pretty surprising I was asked. It makes me realise how garrulous I am. It also makes me realise that, no matter how skilled we are, or knowledgeable we are, most everything we talk about could be considered unimportant. Or, perhaps, some people don’t find certain things important in comparison.

I could go into detail how much I may divulge, but, I think, it all depends on the circumstances with which you find yourself.

Perhaps the taxi driver in the sentence example was talking about how his wife had survived a car crash and had just woken up from a coma, and, maybe, the passenger was rushing to an important court case, today was D day and they’d find out if they’d won.

The fact is, some things we talk about may be important to us, and maybe they aren’t to the recipient. It begs the question, Do we really listen, and, do we consider it important, or trivial.

So, I suppose, I consider myself a loquacious character when I’m at work. But I know I’d take a day at home in the comfort of peace and quiet than make plans to see anyone and socialise. And, when all is said and done, perhaps I am a little garrulous. I’d like to think we all are sometimes, it depends on your audience!


  • chatty

  • glib

  • loquacious

  • voluble

  • babbling

  • blabbermouth

  • chattering

  • effusive

  • flap jaw

  • gabby

  • gossiping

  • gushing

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