Where all F's have their story


Written by Kathryn J Barrow 


It was fleeting, I can assure you. But it still was. I think I liked it. But I cannot be sure and I could only wait to savor it again and see it through until the end.

Each street light glowed faintly through the heavy rain. People scurried under their umbrellas but you couldn’t hear a peep from them, it was as if Silence fell upon the streets and rain had washed any other noise away.


Except for her squeal.


It was what had drawn me to her. Had excited me so. Normally I’m pretty calculated in my approach. Most of the time I work with precision. Today wasn’t going to be one of those days.


I’d had a foretaste of her when she’d stumbled out the bar tonight. Straight into my body and filled my ears with the most delightful noise I’d heard in a long time. Her soft lips parting and eyes growing wide with fear as I gripped onto her arms to stop her from falling. It was just a foretaste of what I could experience. You know, a simple snippet of enjoyment I could appreciate for a whole night, at least. All I had to do was lure her. Although I don’t think that would be hard given the seductive smile she offered me after our encounter.


You must understand this is what I was born to do. It’s simply how I was made, some people would consider me a psychopath, a monster even. I suppose they’d be right in some cases, sometimes I don’t let them live for more than an hour when they understand what is required of them, sometimes my calculations are wrong, and they don’t behave in the way I want them to.

It all starts with the foretaste. The thing that happens which gives you a taster, a trailer of sorts. An appetizer into the full-length film as it were. For me, it might be a screech, like I had today. Or it could be watching them cry on a park bench and once was when a guy slapped a girl outside a bar. So very drunk. Of course, I wasn’t happy he’d done that, not in the slightest. But as I helped her into a taxi and sent her on her way I decided I’d like to have her on my list.

But there have been some I’ve savored for a while, days, weeks even. The ones which give me the most pleasure. I hope this one will be one of them.


She is only a few feet ahead. Her hair drenched and coat hanging from her slight body. I know she knows I’m behind her from her glances back. She never picked up her pace to get away. She slowed down. And now she stands facing me, soft sweet smile and doe-eyed, arms holding onto her body as she shivers and lip trembles. What a beautiful sight.

And you see this is what I was born to do, take them when they so willingly want to be taken. Treat them how they so willingly want to be treated.


The joys of being a psychopath. If that's what I truly am, then I revel in it.


‘Please sir, can you help me.’