It's okay to slip away

I'm currently in a position to soak in the relaxation that surrounds me. Feel the soft beats that Penetrate my ears and flow through my body. If, like me, you enjoy the silence of the room, allow your mind to flow into temptation, then you're not alone. It's really what makes us human. I often find myself in complete reverie which is one of the most enjoyable times of my day, the fact that I have the ability to drift off makes me crave it all the more and soak it up. I love to write romance and for that I have to have a certain ability to think freely about what love, lust, emotion and attraction looks like. I've also gained confidence in not hiding my thoughts and love the fact that I can write them so freely without feeling worried about what people might think. We all have dreams and ideas that float within us on those quiet times of the day or times you feel the need to get away from the reality for just a bit. It's okay to enjoy those times and have confidence to explore them challenge your thoughts and gain confidence because of them. So the next time you find yourself able to slip away in reverie do it because it's exciting isn't it? Getting lost in another time, place, world.  

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