Where all the E's have their story



Written By Kathryn J Barrow


Daisy flew through long grass which had been left to grow way above the chimney tops of a town called Bobbin Hills. It’s where Daisy lived. Daisy was a fairy and right now she’d been sent on a mission, by her parents, to get some daffodils. She’d just picked them and she was on her way home to get them back for dinner.


These were prime fairy food and if you didn't pick them quickly and get them home straight away they never taste as good.


So here she was darting through the grass missing one mushroom stool, then the next. She was Ebullient and happy. She loved the word Ebullient. She’d learned it in Fairy school just yesterday and said it over and over to get the saying just right…


‘E - BUL - LI  - ENT,’


‘Hey daisy,’ She heard from behind her. She turned and BOOF. Straight into a mushroom stool, she went.


‘OUCH,’ she cried as she fell to the floor. Her daffodils flew everywhere. Shaking her head, she looked up.

‘Tony,’ She said as he hovered above her.

‘Sorry Daisy, I didn’t mean to scare you,’ he said, looking at her, sad.

‘Oh, it’s all right,’ She said as she stood up and shook herself off.

‘I heard you say that word we learned yesterday. What does it mean again?’ he asked as he stood beside her.

‘It means cheerful and full of energy remember. You said that’s what I was like.

‘That's right,’ he said agreeing with a giggle. ‘E - BUL - LI  - ENT,’

‘That’s it Tony, well done,’ Daisy said.

‘E - BUL - LI  - ENT,’ they said together.


Suddenly Daisy remembered her daffodils. She looked around her, they were all broken and dirty.


‘Whatever will I do, I’ve dropped all my daffodils and they will be no good now,’ she cried. She wasn’t ebullient any more. It wasn’t often in the year they could have such a delight as they will soon come out of season. This made Daisy sad and instead of feeling high spirited she felt deflated.


‘Oh no,’ Tony said, looking sad too. ‘I know,’ he said with excitement, ‘I’ll help you pick some more, we can do it much more quickly with the two of us and get them to your house.’


‘Oh yes Tony, what a great idea,’ she said and hugged him, ‘thank you.’

They both buzzed back up and flew through the grass to a daffodil spot and picked as many as they could carry, flying back to Bobbin hills.


When Daisy’s parents saw the wonderful Daffodils they came home with they were so happy.

‘Oh Daisy, Tony,’ they said.

‘Does this make you ebullient,’ Daisy asked who was now able to say it perfectly.


‘Yes, it does,’ they said and laughed.