We All Have Knick-Knacks

It’s the second instalment for our word of the week and this week I chose a word that had me giggling slightly at the screen. It’s a pretty funny word and I hope it inspires you, somewhat, like it did me, to understand how one might associate words with more inspired meaning.

My word choice for today is:

The definition:

A collection of knick-knacks.

It’s an obscure word, don’t you think? I pondered over it for a while before I considered how I could use it to write a blog post. I wondered what I could use to explain exactly what it means to me, but it occurred to me I was thinking far too basically about it and realised there is one thing we all collect through our lives, I mean, I find myself collecting them daily.

There is a myriad of emotions. They all exist within us and we go through our daily lives collecting them within ourselves. Do you remember the first time you fell in love? Or remember a time you laughed so hard it felt like your ribs were going to pop through your skin? Or the time you watched a movie that scarred you with fear? We go through our lives building a memory bank of these emotions. In-fact, memory is defined as just that; a faculty by which the mind stores and remembers information.

This week alone I built on emotions, joy, a bit of contentment, and the spirit of seasons. I know it sounds a bit peculiar but I did. I’d spent time with a good friend, we enjoyed the festivities of autumn, carved pumpkins, made pumpkin pie with the inners (not forgetting the toasting of the pumpkin seeds) and it was a joyous day. I’d gained something within my memory bank I hadn’t had before and for that I'm thankful.

I’d like to help you think about how you could use obscure words to improve your vocabulary. Perhaps to help increase individuality to your work. My sentence example for this would be:

I felt my lips rise towards my eyes and tears spill as I felt a happiness, I’d never felt before, fill me, I added this feeling to my other knick-knack of emotions.

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