About Kathryn

Blogger of all things thought-provoking.

Fiction writer of anything overwhelming, exciting, thrill-seeking and stimulating - so, to her, everything.


Kathryn grew up in a small village in Wiltshire which prompts her daily to consider her upbringing and use memories to invoke stories bottled up, ready to break free at a moments notice. But it wasn't until her late twenties she found her real passion for writing or, in fact,  realised she had much of a story to write.

Those lazy days of sunning in the fields or walking the starry nights, where simple memories locked in a box, under all the hectic days of mundane working and trying to make enough money to pay the bills.

One day, around the age of twenty-eight she started to write. She found her true passion. She hasn't stopped.  

Throughout her site, you'll find her fiction work, published, and just for fun. She also writes the occasional blog post when something inspires her to talk about it and hopes you'll enjoy the topics she discovers. 

She ingests what she can from any situation and turns it into words on paper. 




Reading on holiday

Reading allows Kathryn to open her mind to other worlds.

Drawing allows her to create a vision and become a better artist.

Her Artwork is a tiny glimpse into another passion of hers.

Photography is an attempt to capture a moment.

photography in Spain