Using what I can.

Being able to study creative writing has been one of the most liberating experiences of my life. It sounds sad, doesn't it? But for me it has opened my mind to something I thought I'd never find, passion.

Now all the thoughts that appear in my head have somewhere to go. I couldn't understand why they were there, what was the purpose in them. But now I understand, it's because I need them to create masterpieces! or at least I hope they will and I find myself endlessly scribbling them down on paper, or opening up twitter and tweeting them away!

I'm excited by it, I get all jittery just thinking about the next character or setting. Goosebumps form, all over my body and excitement fills my bones!

I took a drive to catch the sun setting over the sea the other day. It was beautiful and I found myself inspired. I wanted to share it with you today so I've given you a picture of it.

That's it, another seed has been planted and the words are flowing. Remember to use what you can, go for a walk, sit at the local coffee shop and listen in on what people are saying. How are they talking?, or using their voices? How are they sitting? How are they looking at each other? think about what they might be thinking, about each other. All of these things you can use to inspire you, I know I do. To become a good writer we must learn to draw material from anywhere and use it to our advantage.

My aim is to write stuff that you'll all enjoy and I'm excited at the prospect. Everything I've learnt and taken on through this journey will be put to use, because I want this so badly.

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