Hold on to something.

It's been a funny day. Not because I have laughed a lot. But because every time I view the outside I've been drawn to write something of the fictional kind for my blog post. So far I have offered you thoughts, or opinions. Today I'm going to write a small fictional piece. I do have a soft spot for romance, of which most of my thoughts tend to sway, I chose the title because I often find it intriguing that one character may come into your life, for however small a time and influence your thoughts, how we might hold on to the tiniest moment and it affects us in some way.

Mist hovered over the hills like a blanket, smothering anything it felt it wanted to. The day seemed still, lifeless. It's eery presence kept everyone indoors, except me.

I needed to get out. I was suffocating and the idea of staying in any longer had me fearing for my own safety. Today's weather called for me to join it and I did, wishing the fog could envelope me in its hold and drag me into the unknown - seems quite possible due to its appearance.

In a world full of people I never felt so alone as I did walking the moss covered floor. Inch by inch being pulled higher, with my feet to the sun filled sky above the mist. I walked through the trees, the bird filled branches and droplet covered leaves, scleching with my boots in the mud and disturbing all. I make it to the clearing and watch as the mist swirls with sun rays. As if I'd disturbed a fight, I could see the mist lift, feeding the sky above.

A sudden attack has me off guard as a dog attacks my legs.

'Oscar' I pet the dog to calm him and look to the male voice calling his name, 'I'm so sorry, he doesn't see too many people.'

'It's no problem, I don't see many people, not here anyway.' I reply as a figure begins to appear through the foggy haze.

'I was thinking the same thing, here boy.' he stops tempting the dog with his own hand. 'Have a good day.'

'Thank you, and you.' I offer as our eyes seem to search each others, he offers me a smile that barely reaches his eyes and without another word continues his walk.

Perhaps it's the weather, or because he seemed as alone as I did which had me intrigued. Perhaps it was the smile that didn't quite touch his eyes. Perhaps it was because he was the only person I'd seen today. It had me thinking about him as I did the same and continued my walk, every so often hearing him call Oscar. It was only a matter of time before we'd again, it was something to look forward to, the idea brightened up my day, and for that, I was thankful.

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