It's their playground

The sun gleams. The crisp blue sky, littered with soft white clouds, still, motionless, offer the sun a jungle. It glides through, playing low, warm, yet never fully touching the top of its playground due to the time of the year. The winter breeze, only bearable to accept because of the heat from the sun, kisses my cheeks as I trudge through the muddy path surrounding the lake within it. It's times like this you are able to accommodate a sense of worth. Time to take in what has been, or what could be. Each person walking the same path, will no doubt, have had some kind of conscious thought of life as they know it.

Gulls skillfully dive into the water to collect their food, they attack it as if it is a force to be reckoned with. Flying above it, head first and lunging, as if needing to pierce some kind of invisible cling film. It's a monster task. I on the other hand consider how I will attack something I feel holds more of a priority. If we break everything down to the bare bones of our existence, nothing really is more important than that with which I find myself staring at. It's quite comedic really, Its a site you would need to see for yourself, I grant you, but I'm hoping my explanation can help you understand, somewhat, the  scene that plays out. Now of course, as I continue to watch and more gulls congregate for the feast, it becomes clear that boundaries must be set. And so the squawking begins. 'Squawk, my food, squawk,' 'squawk, move your ass, squawk.' This is serious business, for them, but the ducks, all two of them potter through the reeds, clever in their approach, collecting the seeds that have become caught up in them. They weave in and through, over and across, as if their need for food is of less importance. Or could it be that, because they have learnt to hunt through the reeds, that they have more knowledge and understanding of how to source it? 

What we decide is important, is unique to us. What we choose to focus on is too. It's also a reminder of how we all deal with situations in a different way. 

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