We Shall Start At The Beginning

As I nervously sit in front of the laptop, my hands tapping and mind rattling in attempts to write my first blog post down, I realise that it’s probably easier to just start at the beginning. After all this is new to all of us and I would love to offer you more than just a basic about of me.

Things seem so out of control, don’t you think? We all rush around in the hustle of life and never stop to take time out for ourselves, or at least I didn’t until a few years ago.

You see my life revolved around work and I believed it was what we were all born to do. Get those bills paid and you're set for life, sleep, eat, work and sleep, until I was confronted by someone that told me my life would be a complete waste if I allowed it to involve nothing but the necessities.

Of course, if your passion is your work and the job you have is also your hobby then it’s different because your job is what you desire, mine wasn’t. I had left home at the young age of 16, determined to succeed at whatever I could, and I did, but my career wasn’t what I craved. So I started studying and reading, both offering me solace, both providing another realm away from the stresses that often come from day to day living. Reading though, before long offered me something else, I had read so much I started to see words that were my own, I started to write. I started to draw and create and spark the inner me and it was fantastic.

If you don’t have something in your life that makes it your own then find it, appreciate it and above all feel happy every time you are in a position to enjoy it.

My first blog post, a taster into the idea of what may be. I want to write about mistakes I learnt from, things I want to achieve and perhaps, sometimes day to day stresses or achievements you might like or learn from yourself.

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